DandruffEven the stars get Dandruff


Dandruff and other similar conditions, such as seborrhoeic dermatitis, can be frustrating to deal with. But there are natural products you can try, including our Health Scrub Bar – a three-in-one soap, shampoo and shaving bar.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is when the skin cells on the scalp grow and die off too fast. The cells then leave the scalp as flakes of dead skin.

The cause of dandruff is not known. It can run in families and stress may exacerbate the problem. Cold, dry weather can also trigger bouts of dandruff. Age and hormones are other contributing factors.

If you have dandruff, then you are not alone. It is a common problem. In fact, it is thought up to 20% of the population suffer from dandruff at any one time. Having an itchy, flaking scalp is no fun and can lower self-esteem. However, do not let dandruff get you down. There are things you can do.

Treating dandruff

There are various ways to treat dandruff. Many of them are extremely simple.

For example, brush your hair regularly with steady, firm strokes. This carries the oil produced by your sebaceous glands down the shaft of the hair, away from the scalp. This reduces dandruff.

Secondly, consider using an anti-dandruff shampoo. There are many products on the market and they all act in different ways. Some are anti-fungal, whereas others affect the rate of cell turnover. You need to find one which suits your scalp. If you find it starts to become less effective, switch it for something else.

One product you could try is our Health Scrub Bar. This is ideal for those prone to dandruff. It contains seaweed which exfoliates the scalp, and tea health scrub bartree oil which has anti-fungal properties. It is also 100% natural and does not contain any chemical ingredients. Conveniently, the Health Scrub Bar can be used to shampoo, shower and shave – meaning you benefit from having three products in one.

Lastly, there are some lifestyle factors that you can address. In particular, try to reduce stress and limit exposure to the cold.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis

If your symptoms do not improve with treatment, you may not have dandruff. There are many potential causes of a flaking, itching scalp. Aside from dandruff, one of the most common is seborrhoeic dermatitis (also known as seborrhoeic eczema or seborrhoea).

Seborrhoeic dermatitis has symptoms very similar to dandruff, but can also cause redness and flaking on the face, ears, groin, upper back and chest. The severity of the condition is often related to stress.

Up to 10% of the world’s population is thought to suffer from a degree of seborrhoeic dermatitis. It is believed to be an inflammatory response to yeasts, particularly a yeast that lives on our skin called Malassezia. This occurs naturally on the skin, but is especially prevalent around the sebaceous glands which are connected to the hair follicles.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis can respond well to anti-fungal agents. Our Health Scrub Bar contains a small concentration of tea tree oil, which is a natural anti-fungal remedy. It can therefore be very effective amongst those with seborrhoeic dermatitis. However, in severe cases, medication (such as steroids) may be recommended.

Cradle cap in babies

Babies can get a form of seborrhoeic dermatitis, known more frequently as cradle cap. Shea butter is increasingly being recommended as a natural treatment for cradle cap. It softens and loosens the scaly deposits, allowing them to be gently washed away.

Our all body moisturiser, SheaSalve, contains 100% pure shea butter. It is ideal for cradle cap, especially as it is entirely non-toxic and edible.

Other causes of a dry, flaking scalp

Other conditions which may cause flaking of the scalp include psoriasis, eczema and ringworm. Or, it could be that you are having a reaction to medication you are taking.

If your dandruff is severe or does not respond to over-the-counter treatments, ask your doctor for advice. There may be an underlying condition that requires attention.

Suitable products

Health Scrub Bar and SheaSalve

For more information about how we can help with dandruff, cradle cap and seborrhoeic dermatitis, please contact us.


How can I get rid of dandruff?

Getting rid of dandruff flakes can be achieved in a number of ways:


health scrub bar

1. Using The Health Scrub Bar can help get rid of dandruff flakes from the hair as it contains exfoliating seaweed and refreshing tea tree oil. Regular shampooing with the Health Scrub Bar has been helpful for many dandruff sufferers.

2. Brushing your hair. An oily scalp is related to dandruff and brushing the oil down the hair shafts can help.

How can I stop dandruff?

1. Keep your scalp warm. Cold weather can make dandruff worse so keeping your head warm may help prevent a breakout of flaking.


2. The Health Scrub Bar contains anti fungal Tea tree oil so regular use may be helpful in reducing the flaking if your dandruff is related to Melassezia

3. Try to avoid unnecessary stress. Stress is linked to dandruff so reducing stress in daily life may help your scalp.

How can I treat dandruff?

1. There are many types of anti dandruff shampoo available but people often find that their scalp seems to get used to them and they need to swap around between them.

2. Sometimes dandruff can be so severe that sufferers need to see their doctor for advice and to be sure they are not missing a disease that causes flaking of the scalp, such as seborrhoeic dermatitis which is form of eczema or psoriasis.

3. The Health Scrub Bar is very handy if you are prone to dandruff as you can shampoo, shower and shave with the one product, it will wash away excess oils and the exfoliating seaweed will help remove flakes of dandruff, saving time and energy.

How can dandruff be cured?

Dandruff can run in families and there is no complete answer to curing it. It can be related to hormones and your age group.
The best option in this case is to find the method that suits you best for controlling it. Regular hair brushing, avoiding cold weather affecting your scalp and reducing stress can all help, as can regular use of a good shampoo.

There are many shampoos on the market and it depends which one suits your particular scalp the best, bearing in mind that it sometimes becomes necessary to change and give the scalp a rest from one type and choose another for a while.

If your dandruff is caused by seborrhoeic dermatitis you may need to see your doctor who can prescribe medication to deal with it.

Is there a Natural Shampoo for dandruff?

The Health Scrub Bar is very popular with anyone who enjoys having the convenience of one single product to wash, shave and shampoo.

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

Because of this The Health Scrub Bar has been found to be very popular with sufferers from seborrhoeic dermatitis as it is 100% natural and has all the benefits of mineral rich exfoliating seaweed and refreshing essential lavender and tea tree oils, pure jojoba oil and vitamin E. Because it does not contain detergents it can be used all over the body at the same time as shampooing. Flakes are washed away and skin and hair are left conditioned and moisturised

Suitable products