dry skin

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common problem these days, for which detergent-based products are partly to blame. That is why we create cold process soaps, as they help retain the body’s natural oils.

Causes of dry skin

There are many causes of dry skin. Exposure to cold weather, central heating and hot water can all lead to dry, itchy skin. What you might not realise is that many of our everyday bathing products also contribute towards the problem.

Just think about how many products are in your bathroom. Most people have shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, shaving gel and moisturiser. Often, these products are synthetic detergents, known in the industry as ‘syndets’.

The great thing about syndets is that they effectively remove oil. However, that is also their downfall. They strip all the oils from our skin, leaving it dry and vulnerable. Most of us wash once a day, possibly more, so we are constantly removing our skin’s natural oils.

Before we had syndets, we used bars of soap. We often hear that these are harsh and drying. Yet eczema and dermatitis were far less common 30 years ago, when soap bars were the norm.

Cold process soaps

If you are concerned that synthetic detergents are drying out your skin, we recommend using cold process soaps instead. Cold process soaps are made in the traditional way. This means the moisturising glycerine is not siphoned off and sold to industry, as it is with commercial soap manufacturers.

We produce two cold process soaps – our Health Scrub Bar and our Neem Oil Soap. We make them by combining specially selected plant oils with water from our well. The oils we choose are recognised for their skin benefits, including shea butter and olive oil.

We use 10% more oils than is usually required to make a simple soap. Also, the glycerine is retained. This makes our soaps highly moisturising, benefitting anyone who suffers from dry skin. If you have extremely dry skin, then the Neem Oil Soap is particularly effective.

Skin creams

If you are looking for a skin cream to combat your dry skin, we also have a range of cream-based moisturisers. All Marble Hill creams are exclusively composed of low pH plant oils. These are ideal for helping to maintain healthy conditioned skin. They do not contain any chemical additives, preservatives or chemical fragrances which often cause allergies. Because they are so gentle, they can be used as often as you wish.

Options include our SheaSalve, SurgiSalve and Moisture Veil. Each suits a different skin type, so browse through and decide what works best for you.


Suitable products

Health Scrub Bar, Neem Oil Soap, SheaSalve, SurgiSalve, Moisture Veil

Want to know which product would help your dry skin? Contact us at Marble Hill for advice.

Suitable products