PsoriasisPsoriasis is a dry skin condition characterized by accelerated turnover of skin cells which are produced up to 20 times faster than normal. Marble Hill’s range of totally pure and natural moisturisers and cleansing bars such as SheaSalve,SurgiSalve and our uniquely soothing Neem Soap bar are often chosen by psoriasis sufferers to bring relief.

Why this accelerated cell turnover should happen is not understood and there is no cure for the disease itself, however there are a variety of treatments which can be used to alleviate this common condition. While efforts to reduce the underlying process involve measures which range from light therapy to anti-cancer drugs, the treatment of the actual signs and symptoms always involves moisturisers.

Moisturisers ( often called by the technical term “emollients” ) help keep the skin smooth and comfortable and may help to reduce itching. Where the skin is affected by hard raised areas of rash (plaque) a moisturiser can help improve the condition and suppleness of the affected area. These products moisturise, lubricate, and soothe dry and flaky skin. (Van Onselen, 1998). The choice of moisturiser is very individual but many people find that a preparation which is fragrance and additive –free like SheaSalve or Surgisalve can be very helpful. Many of our clients with psoriasis have commented on the relief from itch provided by SurgiSalve in particular.

The typical “silvery scales” can be unsightly making the sufferer self-conscious and the Health Scrub Bar which combines the conditioning and gently exfoliating properties of organic seaweed with the refreshing combination of tea tree and peppermint oils may be used to shower the flakes away. Both our Health Scrub Bar and Neem oil soap contain shea butter, olive and a complex blend of other premium plant oils; which one is chosen is a matter for the individual but as a general rule people whose skin naturally tends to oiliness choose the Health Scrub Bar, while those who have drier type skin opt for the Neem bar.

Oils as moisturisers can be very valuable for psoriasis as they may be added to the bath or gently massaged into dry areas.
Q-24 body oil is ideal for this as it is completely pure and undiluted with petrochemicals. Oils carefully selected for their ability to smooth, soften and soothe dry skin combine to provide a vitamin rich emollient containing camellia oil,as well as jojoba and argan oils, which mimic the skin’s own oils to bring relief. Unfragranced and easily absorbed, Q24 has been described by Vogue magazine as a “skin saviour”.

Whichever Marble Hill product is selected the psoriasis sufferer can be completely confident that they are using only the finest ingredients with no toxic chemicals or irritant artificial fragrances.

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