How to deal with Hand Dermatitis – A Case Study

Dry, sore cracked and itchy hands are at epidemic levels. Everyone who often washes their hands – nurses, hairdressers, catering staff or trades people to new mothers -is vulnerable.  Frequent washing, harsh liquid soaps and hot water all play their part, so how can you keep your hands moisturized and conditioned in today’s hygiene conscious world?

Sarah’s Story:
Sarah ( not her real name ), a nurse in her early 30’s and a new mother, recently approached Marble Hill looking for help to save her career.  She had developed serious hand dermatitis after the birth of her daughter 15 months before and had not been able to return to work.  Her hands were dry, itchy and blistered and in spite of seeking help from her GP and a dermatologist standard creams and steroids were not relieving the soreness and cracking. Her career was on the line and a friend recommended she should turn to Marble Hill for advice.

Here are the four steps we suggested which got Sarah back to work.

Marble Hill’s 4 Steps to Healthy Hands:

1. Use moisturizing Marble Hill Neem Oil Soap for hand washing and apply HandSalve regularly throughout the day.
2. Avoid using shower gels and liquid soaps/hand washes. These often contain synthetic detergents which are very effective at removing the skin’s natural oils and can irritate and dry the skin.
3. Improve hand washing technique. Rinse hands thoroughly and dry carefully with a dry towel after every hand wash, paying particular attention to the spaces between the fingers and the backs of the hands, both areas which are often neglected.
4. Use cool water for washing hands, avoid unnecessary contact with water, particularly hot water which is very drying, and wear rubber gloves whenever possible.

We were delighted to receive this email from Sarah in which she shared the photographs of her hands before and after using Marble Hill products two days after she started following these 4 steps using Neem Oil Soap and HandSalve

Dermatitis Hands

Nurses Hands before using Marble Hill products

“I’ve only used the soap and cream for 2 days and I swear I haven’t itched once! It’s unbelievable how soft and less dry my hands are I took photos of my hands at the start of the week so I see the difference! I honestly am so happy!!!”

Hands after using Marble Hill Products

Nurses Hands after using Marble Hill Products

Although Sarah is not allergic to synthetic detergents, “syndets” (as they are known in the industry) dried her hands out to such an extent that her skin suffered a severe reaction which was relieved by the intensive moisturising qualities of Marble Hill’s natural additive free products.

This is only one example of the many cases in which Marble Hill products have achieved remarkable results , improving quality of life and allowing ordinary people to continue their everyday lives and in a number of cases their careers.

Dr Maria McGee


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About the Author:

Dr Maria McGee qualified as a medical doctor from Manchester University in 1979. She gained a very broad experience in both medicine and surgery. Having retired and returned to her husband’s family farm in Co Donegal in 2001 she took up her life-long interest in crafts and began experimenting with soap-making. A natural spring located on the farm, dating back to 1850s, encouraged her to explore how it could be used within her soaps. With a family history of skin conditions and her medical background including experience in dermatology, she experimented with plant oils from around the world including Shea Butter and Neem Oil. This has resulted in her Marble Hill range of 100% natural, edible skin creams and two unique, detergent-free soaps and has now led to an ever expanding range of skincare and wellness products for all the family and the home.

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