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How to deal with Hand Dermatitis – A Case Study

Dry, sore cracked and itchy hands are at epidemic levels. Everyone who often washes their hands – nurses, hairdressers, catering staff or trades people to new mothers -is vulnerable.  Frequent washing, harsh liquid soaps and [...]

  • diabetes

Diabetes and the foot

For family reasons we at Marble Hill take a particular interest in diabetes, supporting diabetes research and for the last two years publishing a daily Twitter post. @DailyFootCheck offers encouragement, tips and support to people living [...]

  • baby skin

Baby Skin

Babies’ skin needs are easily met. There are many excellent sources of in-depth information on this subject and your health visitor will always be ready to help. In general terms babies do not need [...]

  • Dandruff


Even the stars get Dandruff For many people the first time we saw Jane Seymour was not as Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, but using her flowing tresses to sell us Head and Shoulders to [...]

  • dry skin

Dry Skin

Today everyone seems to have dry skin, but what do we mean by it? Do we mean skin which has a disease problem or skin which is suffering from being over-washed, or skin which [...]

  • Psoriasis


Psoriasis is a dry skin condition characterized by accelerated turnover of skin cells which are produced up to 20 times faster than normal. Marble Hill’s range of totally pure and natural moisturisers and cleansing [...]